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Have this list of questions with you the next time you talk to your broker. Your notes may come in handy later if there is a dispute or a problem. Valuing the Option Once it has been determined that the options are marital, a value will have to be attached to them. Statutory stock options are treated differently, however. The following are some of the more popular tax breaks that we have enjoyed over the past several years, but are currently scheduled to expire after Practice Alert! So, if a spouse has unvested options those options will still be classified as marital or separate, valued, and divided. Another option is to include a provision in the separation agreement or court order expressing that the employee-spouse who owns the options will hold them on behalf of the other spouse. Back To Top What is the rule of 72? Keep notes of any specific instructions given to your account executive or brokerage firm.

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Bethesda, MD CPA / Timothy Force CPA PC

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Tax Planning Services-Accountant in Gaithersburg MD - Davis CPAs

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