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As an application of skewness and kurtosis, the analysis of fixed income securities requires careful statistical analysis to determine the volatility of a portfolio when interest rates vary. Apparently, my remark to the effect that researchers often failed to pay attention to the net PnL per share in evaluating stat. It later led to time seriesGarch Modelsand more applications of skew such as the Volatility Smile. Risks[ edit ] Over a finite period of time, a low probability market movement may impose heavy short-term losses. For statistical trading strategies, if the firm purchased a large block of shares, it would short a closely-correlated stock to hedge against any major downturns in the market. The profit is realized from the trade through the continual rehedging required to keep the portfolio delta neutral. These pair trades eventually evolved into various other strategies aimed at taking advantage of statistical differences in security prices due to liquidity, volatility, risk or other factors. Statistical arbitrage is not limited to two securities. We now classify these strategies as statistical arbitrage. Statistical arbitrage has become a major force at both hedge funds and investment statistical trading strategies. Now that most statistical arbitrage opportunities are limited due to competition, the ability to quickly execute trades is the only way to scale profits. The exploitation of arbitrage opportunities themselves increases the efficiency of the market, thereby reducing the scope for arbitrage, so continual updating of models is necessary.

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Successful Statistical Arbitrage

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Today, most statistical arbitrage is conducted through high frequency trading using a combination of neural networks and statistical models.

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Trading with Gaussian Statistical Models

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Statistical Arbitrage

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