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There are a variety of ways to interpret risks associated with options trading, but these risks primarily revolve around the levels of volatility or uncertainty of the market. For example: Close the trade, cut your losses, or find a different opportunity that makes sense now. Trade a spread as a single trade. However, even if you buy a put option right to sell the securityyou are still buying a long option. Option trading vs stock trading as you would imagine, high volatility with securities like stocks means higher risk - and conversely, low volatility means lower risk. Conversely, the less time an options contract has before it expires, the less its time value will transport forex admin the less additional time value will be added to the premium. Leverage Investment An equity option allows investors to fix the price, for a specific period of time, at which they can purchase or sell shares of an equity for a premium price - which is only a percentage of what they would pay to own the equity outright. Watch the video below to learn more option strategies. Editor's Pick. For those people who cannot use leverage to increase thestar forex total investment pot, Options are a cheap and effective way to leverage your invested capital. Other key differences between options and regular equities are in how the investment is structured:

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What Are Options?

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What are Stock Options?

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  • Orders for options are transacted through brokers with bids to buy and offers to sell just like equity buy and sell orders.
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