How to Negotiate a Startup Salary Offer

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Generally speaking, smaller companies offer more equity and less salary; larger ones especially ones that just raised lots of funding should offer more by way of salary. What are some tips for negotiating a good compensation package with equity? Offers and Negotiations 37 minutes, 53 links When a company offers any form of equity as part of its compensation package, there is a whole new set of factors for a prospective employee to consider. For startups, a variety of data is easier to come by. Compensation at a startup company is largely made up of three components: Here are six tips for getting a higher compensation package from a startup. Keep work at home typers mind, this is just a suggested tactic, not a hard and fast rule. Compensation goes beyond your paycheck. What convertible securities are outstanding convertible notes, SAFEs, or warrantsand how much dilution can I expect from their conversion? Related sections. Know your worth! For very early stage startups, risk is higher, offers can be more highly variable, and variation among companies will be greater, particularly when it comes to equity.

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  1. A few notes on the negotiation process itself:
  2. Know your worth!
  3. Generally speaking, smaller companies offer more equity and less salary; larger ones especially ones that just raised lots of funding should offer more by way of salary.

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Offers and Negotiations — The Holloway Guide to Equity Compensation

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Negotiation tips — The Holloway Guide to Equity Compensation

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Negotiating title and exact details of your role early on may not matter as much in a small and growing company, because your role and the roles of others may change a lot, and quickly.

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