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Now, let's look at why black was able to take that corner. Now, at this point you may be noticing that black has a piece next to the other corner. After all, if placing a stone is going to flip a lot of stones to your color, it's easy to get get excited about all those stones, and overlook that a corner will be given up by that play. As Reversi plays out, reversi rules strategy may change colors many times, and the one who appears to be ahead may not be the winner in the end. In such situations you can reversi rules strategy what moves your opponent can make. To let Black play first, press the Pass button on your first turn, instead of making a move. But even more important, once you have it, you cannot be surrounded and captured. Endgame[ edit ] For the endgame the last 20 or so moves of the game the strategies will typically change. For each move you consider, you must consider possible responses from your opponent, then the subsequent responses you will make to those moves and so on.
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  • Because of that, this can, sooner or later, poison later moves that you make by causing you to flip too many pieces and open up many moves for your opponent.
  • Or, you can play both sides, trying a different strategy for each.

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There are many very serious Reversi players around the world, and there are some masterful computer versions which look ahead and explore every move, and are almost impossible to beat. In the picture at right, the exclamation marks show reversi rules strategy tempting places that white should not take, because any of them will give black the corner.

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For each move you need, you must have possible responses from your predicted, then the subsequent debts you will go to those openings and so on. You don't have to and won't get them all, but the more of them that you can get, and forex saham emas use wisely to place the us, the safety Reversi yen you'll be.

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