Show 007: Why Implied Volatility Is The Key To Your “Edge” Trading Options

Implied volatility trading strategy. Implied Volatility: Buy Low and Sell High

See figure 4. We've made it incredibly easy for implied volatility trading strategy to save time by giving you instant access to the complete digital version of today's show. In this strategy you will sell your call and put on the same strike, usually at-the-money. As you review them, keep in mind that there are no guarantees with these strategies. Iron Condors If you like the idea of the short strangle but not the idea that it carries with it unlimited risk then an iron condor is your strategy. With the proper understanding of volatility and how it affects your options you can profit in any market condition.

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How To Profit From Volatility

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  • The majority of volatility trading involves plays on implied volatility.
  • If you are running a short strangle you are selling your call and put on different strikes, both out of the money.
  • Implied Volatility: Buy Low and Sell High

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IV Expansion / Contraction

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Why Implied Volatility Is The Key to Your "Edge" Trading Options

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How To Profit From Volatility Implied volatility of an option Figure 1 shows that implied volatility fluctuates the same way prices do.

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What Is Implied Volatility & Why It's Important

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